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What We Offer

Our culture is the foundation of our service, it is our identity, and it is a reflection of our commitment to our clients. Our culture can be summed up with one simple question; what more can I do?

Our values are not just words; it is our ethos, it is the way we do things around here. It is who we are and how we behave, internally and externally.

  •        Show people what’s possible
  •        Show people we care
  •        Do the right thing
  •        Be the best we can

  • Efficiency 100%
  • Support 100%
  • Dedication 100%

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Get exactly what you want to meet your career, lifestyle and financial needs anywhere

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The flexibility  that MEED Consultants provides has allowed me to achieve my goals whilst still maintaining an enviable income. I would strongly encourage any junior doctor aiming to regain control in their life to register with MEED Consultants. The opportunities are endless.

Dr Adams Okoli

I would heartily recommend MEED Consultants to any GP thinking of  working in Nigeria. Working with the organisation has made my life richer and fuller and I look forward to my trips. Eventually I will do this full-time on retirement which will not be far away.

Dr Ayo Diggs

I now get to choose when and where I work, when I have time off and I can mould this to suit my aspirations and what I want out of my life. Now I call the shots and I feel that the world is my oyster and the sky’s the limit…

Dr Lateef Azeez